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We are passionate about horses, science, and doing right by animals - and empowering others to do the same. 

Our mission is to connect animal caretakers with applicable science to improve lives.

We believe that equine science research findings have the most value when they can be used by those who care for horses every day.

As evidence-based practices, derived from scientific evaluation of behavioural and physiological needs, tell us what the horse cannot, we use the latest advancements in equine science to help you optimize your horse's health and happiness.

We know we'd do anything to improve the lives of our beloved equine friends, and we know you feel the same 💙

Isabelle D'Costa, MSc
Science Communications & Nutrition Consultant 

Between growing up in Pony Club and always having our horses at home, I became very passionate about equine care very early on, which led to me pursuing a career in the equine field. I like to say I'm a (2x) university certified horse girl, with two equine specialized degrees: I did my undergraduate degree in Equine Science & Management, and then completed a Master of Science in Equine Nutrition!

 Throughout my studies, I focused my coursework and research on individualized & precision nutrition, with a particular focus on nutritional strategies to improve the lives of aging animals. My animals are my best friends, so I'm very passionate about using evidence-based practices and always learning more to make sure they have the best possible lives!

Always non-biased, always based in science.

  • Evidence-based practices

  • Research background in supplement efficacy

  • MSc in Equine Nutrition

Independent of any feed or supplement companies.

Committed to supportive, accessible, and empowering services.

Individualized nutrition using your horse's unique factors and custom-designed mathemathical modelling.

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