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Anyone else spent hours pouring over equine anatomy diagrams, physiology and behaviour textbooks, and well-loved horse encyclopedias?

That's who we're here for, really. Those who always were feverishly wanting to know more about horses, those who are so passionate that they can't stop looking for more to learn, those who pester vets & farriers & coaches with questions — the learning enthusiasts.

Scientific findings aren't always super accessible, but we know the horse lover wants to know about them, so that's why we're here: to bridge the gap.

Nutrition Consulting
Remote & On-Site Options Available

Let's optimize your horse's diet! 

  • Evidence-based, supportive consulting at an accessible price point.

  • Individualized nutrition based on your horse's unique needs.

  • Custom-built requirement modelling, because every horse is different.

  • Independent of any feed companies.

  • Virtual support following implementation and onward, for all clients.

  • 3 options based on budget & depth of evaluation, with the option to upgrade at any time.

Click on each item or get in touch for more info.

Recommendation Plan (Remote)
Nutrition Consult (Remote)
Nutrition Consult (On-Site)
Hay Testing + Interpretation
Summer Show Package
Image by Mikayla Storms

New in 2024, for the busy equine athlete - 15% Savings!

  • Nutrition is a huge part of athletic performance, and strategic nutrition leading up to AND on show days can help your horse maintain optimal gut health, muscle recovery and overall peak performance.

  • 2 nutrition consults for pre- and during show season diet optimization.

  • Custom-tailored show-day feeding strategy plan.

  • On-site availability for Guelph/KW/Caledon and surrounding areas, with mileage fee for outside this area.

Science Communications
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Science Writing for Articles, Blog Posts & Social Media.

Let's connect you with the science you want to know! 

  • Evidence-based, supportive science communications to foster a learning environment for you or your audience.

  • Extensive experience writing and creating translational equine science content.

  • Catered to the topic you want. 

  • Product fact sheets, breakdowns and comparisons.

Let's connect to discuss a project!

Educational Material & Resources
Product Fact Sheets & Breakdowns
Educational Graphics/Creative 

Thanks! We will be in touch with more information shortly!

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