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Fall Nutrition Checklist

Just as leaves are turning on the trees, the fall can often be a transitional phase for your horse’s nutrition plan! We recommend considering the following areas when contemplating the suitability of your horse's current diet:

Reflect: How is your horse doing on their current nutrition plan? Were they able to maintain condition throughout the summer season? Are they in a healthy body condition going into winter? Are the feedstuffs in the diet (hay, vit/min, etc) adequate? Are they on a ridiculous amount of supplements that you’re not seeing results on? By considering the following, you can determine whether your horse’s diet could be optimized:

  • Body condition evaluation.

  • Signs of nutrient deficiency?

  • Feedstuff suitability & practicality.

Adjusting nutrient concentrations: Nutrient requirements are impacted by numerous factors, with exercise level being a major factor! For instance, if your horse’s training schedule is lighter after a busy summer of showing, some of their requirements will decrease. Scaling your nutrition plan to match such factors allows for:

  • Maintenance of an ideal body condition

  • Less excretion of excess nutrients into the environment

  • More efficient feeding costs.

Support through changes: There are a lot of changes in the fall - weather changes, aforementioned diet changes, as well as management changes often as a result of the changing weather. Nutritional strategies that help reduce digestive upset risk can support your horse’s health through these changes.

  • Making dietary changes gradually.

  • Promote hydration.

  • Select an effectively-formulated GI supplement.

Considering pasture: If you rely on pasture to meet a portion of your horse’s requirements, pay close attention to pasture availability. Declining pasture availability may warrant supplementation. Water soluble carbs (starch/sugars) increase seasonally in the fall, which may pose a concern for horses with metabolic concerns or laminitis history. You might want to consider:

  • Supplemental hay provision.

  • Evaluate contribution to energy & vitamin requirements.

  • Switching to a dry lot with hay provision for metabolic concern horses/ponies.

Think your horse's diet could use some adjustment but aren't sure whether it's worth it to book a consult? Take advantage of a free discovery discussion this October! To set up a discovery discussion, email us some info about your horse, what they currently eat, and what your concerns are! We can discuss via email, call or virtual meeting, and I can go through your horse's diet with you, and identify any concerns about the diet. Following the discussion, you can decide whether you would like to book one of our consulting services.


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