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Grace Equine Development: The Power of Ponies & Photobiomodulation

Updated: May 6

At Honos Nutrition Co., we’re passionate about horses, science, and doing the best we can do for our horses, while empowering others to do the same. We're not alone in this goal, and we want to support like-minded individuals and businesses!

We could not be more excited to start this series off with Grace Equine Development, an Ontario-based business that's committed to using equine science to help horses live amazing lives!

How did your business get started? Was there a specific horse who sparked inspiration?

Like any horse girl I’ve dreamed of a career working with horses, I chased this

dream pursuing my bachelor's in Equine Management at the University of Guelph where in my final year I performed a research study on the use and practice of laser therapy in sport horses.

Since graduation I’ve collaborated with my Dad, who’s a laser safety consultant on creating my business Grace Equine Development. My family’s pony Sweetie who suffers from cushing’s and laminitis really pushed me to offer my services beyond just personal practice. Using photobiomodulation to provide pain relief and support her body’s healing process while recovering from a laminitis flair up has really allowed me to see how powerful a therapeutic tool it is.

Why are science-based practices important to you?

Graduating from University I really have committed myself to science-based practices, and honestly I’m a nerd; I love a good research paper!

Photobiomodulation can be looked at like a wishy washy just due to the fact that it’s a non-invasive practice so having science-based practices and operating procedures can help even the more skeptical clients understand the biological implications that are occurring.

How have horses shaped your love for science?

There’s a famous quote about thinking of riding as a science but loving it like an art and it strikes very true for me. With horses we can sometimes get too caught up in emotions just due to the connection that we feel with our equine friends, but researching and understanding equine ethology we can do better in both practice and management to serve them. Science-based practices allow us to be un-biased and at the end of the day, do what’s in the horses best interest.

Tell us about the services you currently offer, the importance/relevance of these services, and where can interested customers learn more?

I currently offer photobiomodulation (laser therapy). I provide care for the retired pasture puff to the equine athlete. It’s sport safe, making it legal for therapeutic benefits before a competition and is non-invasive compared to other manipulative therapies which makes it a great introduction to bodywork for the more nervous horses.

My services aid in wound healing and reducing scar tissue for those who have

suffered from an injury or had surgery. As well as reducing inflammation and decreasing pain such as with horses suffering from arthritis, mud fever, stocking up, lameness or recovering from a muscle/tendon injury.

An added service I include is laser acupuncture in which I focus on meridians and trigger points of the body that aid in clearing both physical and mental blockages to balance the body.

I include a write-up on each session we have and when the case allows for it I provide thermal camera photos to help track progress! It’s incredibly rewarding to see the biological changes along with the physical comfort level of the horse improve between sessions.

For those within my traveling region (Guelph-Niagara Region) I’m offering an

introductory package to my services for $220 that includes the initial assessment, as well as 5 treatment sessions.

Those interested in learning more can check out my website or my Instagram (@graceequinedevelopment) to learn more about my services and follow along in my equestrian life - stay tuned for more services coming in the future!!

What advice would you give your younger, horsey self?

Advice I’d give my younger, horsey, self…Embrace your passions. I was raised in a not very horsey family and was a barn brat growing up just soaking up every opportunity I got to be around horses and learn more. While I am thankful I committed to pursuing this career within the equine industry, I was certainly hard on myself as to if this was the right path for me. At the end of the day, we horse girls know hard work and how to care and commit to getting things done for our equine partners; so don’t doubt your abilities in yourself.

What has been the most rewarding part of starting your business?

The most rewarding part has been meeting other kind equestrians who care and want what’s best for their horses. Working alongside with veterinarians to provide a care plan and hearing back from owners about the improvements in movement or comfort is incredibly rewarding and makes the horse girl inside me smile about the life I get to live and care I am able to provide.

Thank you so much Grace! We're so inspired by what you do! Make sure to check out Grace's website, or connect with her to learn more about how photobiomodulation could help your horse!


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